Code Happiness

LIVING CONSCIOUSLY “It is not living that matters but living rightly.” —Socrates What does live rightly means? Most of us take life as it comes to us. If we plant any plant sapling in a pot and leave it as it is to grow, they will die after few days and if we will water it time to time it will grow but it will not give good result. For good result we will have to give it proper care. Life and living are like that. If we will do everything consciously with dedication and love. Life will be fulfilling, a wonderful journey. Every day before leaving bed we must say prayer and assure ourselves that today will have smile on my face and greet everyone with positive words. I will keep my surrounding clean etc. Before taking meal, we must make ourselves aware with the food in front of you like its colours, smell, and temperature. Appreciate the energy, skill, attention, and love that has gone in its preparation. Chant prayer of our religious belief before eating. Then eat unhurriedly, calmly, and mindfully each bite. It is better to eat in silence. Food is life and life is beautiful when we have a beautiful relationship with food. Likewise, we must spend time with our children. We must play with them. We must spend quality time with family friend and societies. Never forget time never comes back.

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