Cheri never liked to live alone. He always wanted to be near somebody. Once we prepared a small cardboard house for him. It became a toy for him. He was pulling it here and there. His most favorite biscuit was Marie gold. He kept his cookie and chicken bones in his house. He was eating old stuff whenever he wished. If ever we tried to stop him from eating that old stuff, he was becoming very ferocious. We were throwing out his old stuff from his house in his absence. Sometimes he was hiding his things in our garden beneath the soil. It was astonishing to see that he never forgot the place where he buried his stuff.

Once I had a cold and cough. My kid’s school was closed. My wife had gone to her mother’s house with kids.

Our house was a duplex apartment. There were two bedrooms on the top floor and one bedroom on the ground floor. I used to sleep in my bedroom, which was on the top floor, but in the morning, I used to come down and open the door for the maid. That day I opened the door and brushed my teeth, but suddenly I started coughing. Cheri came running and held my feet with his tiny feet and looked at me. When my coughing subsided, I told Cheri, “Cheri, I am ok.”

Then he left my legs. This expression of love and care won my heart. I developed extra love and attachment for him.

In the evening when I used to come from the office, I used to sit on the carpet in my drawing room. Cheri would come running to me and play with me. After playing for a while with Cheri, I used to go up, wash my face, change my clothes and watch the news on TV, while having tea. Cheri would come upstairs after hearing TV’s sound. He will eat his Marie gold biscuit and watch TV with me as if he understood everything.

Whenever my wife was a busy downstairs cooking meal, Cheri would sit near her as if he was giving her company, otherwise most of the time he would sit near me watching TV.

Whenever, while putting dinner on the table, my wife would tell Cheri, “Cheri, call sahib for dinner.”

Cheri would come to me and bark continuously till I would stand for walking with him. He used to bark in a strange voice. When I used to stand, Cheri would walk ahead of me and see that I am behind him until I would reach to the dinner table.

Whenever my wife called me for dinner, Cheri would become angry and bark in a different voice on her to show his anger. Then my wife would tell Cheri ” bring sahib for dinner.”

He would come running to me to take me down for dinner.

There was pucka road outside the boundary wall of our residence at Tandsi.

Tandsi being a hilly terrain, there was a little plain land. Houses were built separately. There was a house next to our house. There was a little plain land by the side of these two houses. At the back of the house, at a distance, a small rivulet was flowing. Villagers grazed their cattle near our house. There used to be a security guard at our boundary gate. Once Cheri went out of our gate and caught the tail of a grazing cow. Cow started running for her life. Our guard, cow owner, and some people started running after the cow. We thought Cheri will lose his life, but after sometimes guard brought Cheri back. In fact, Cheri caught cow’s tail so firmly that it became difficult for a cow to get rid of him, but when the cow was climbing over a ditch, Cheri left her tail. Guard caught him and brought him back. Later cattle grazers took extra precaution while grazing their animals near our house.

Cheri was fond of bathing. While bathing, when asked to give his face, he would close his eyes and put forward his face. When he was asked for his right leg, he would lift his right leg and bring it forward likewise when asked for the left leg he would do the same. if asked for nosy, he used to get his nose cleaned. When he was asked for removing water from his hair, he used to shake his body repeatedly and after that get his hair dried in the sun by sitting on his towel. He had ample hair on his body. In summer, he sat in front of the air conditioner. The funniest part of his behavior was that even in case of power failure, he would continue sitting in front of the air conditioner in anticipation that it would start.

Whenever I was at the dining table for breakfast, Cheri would come running to me to have breakfast with me. He ate bread and butter, but if omelets were there, then he would take his share, piece by piece. After taking breakfast with me, Cheri used to go near the air conditioner during summer, otherwise he used to sit on the carpet. It was the same at the time of lunch. Even if he had his lunch, he used to eat with me. Even during summer, if I were sitting in the living room, he would forget summer heat and sit with me. He liked to wear my chappal. It was his passion. Whenever I wanted my chappal back, I had to tell Cheri; I want my chappal, and then he would give me my chappal back by taking out his legs from my chappal.

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