Hi ….. I’m Taslim

Author and Life Coach

“Life is a celebration. It depends on an individual’s choice like quantity of sugar in a cup of Tea or Coffee.
Books open doors of endless dreams and adventures. I think heaven must have an awesome library containing books of every genre.
Dreams keep me alive. I was born in a wrong century, otherwise I would not have been what I am today. I try to explore universe and people by writing fictions and poems. I try to share science of happiness and laughter. I try to share yoga, meditation, and art of positive living. I am a life Coach
Life is an assortment of many events and moments engraved in our memory forever.
We carry these moments with ourselves for ever.
 What life echoes back depend on what we give, the good or the bad. Still, we hope for the miracle.
It has fourteen stories interwoven together.
 How in day to day life we face many things, but we seldom analyze our behavior.
 We never think about our Karma and think about Karmic Cycle.
We forget to think its repercussions. We are the reason of our misery.
Why we are not happy?
Why do we want to be happy?
What are the overall effects of happiness on our life, health, interpersonal relations, social relations and on our family?
Is happiness inbuilt in us?
How can we change negativity in our brain  by positive thought for forever?
Can happiness increase our longevity?
This book will encourage you to change your attitudes.
This book will encourage you to achieve happiness for forever.