Frozen Moments Revisited

Destiny is what we believe but do we know our destiny?


Why we betray those whom we love?


Why do we behave with others differently than what we expect for our self?


Why we feel happy when we cheat someone but when we get cheated, we lose our composure?


Life is an assortment of many such events and moments that get engraved in our memory forever.


How in day to day life we miss many things, we seldom analyze our behavior. We forget to think its implications. We are reason of our misery.


“Frozen Moments Revisited” will offer remarkable insight on appreciating life's simple moments. "Frozen Moments Revisited" talks about love, betrayal, material wealth and human convictions. It dwells on both the tangible and the abstract. It illuminates the significant. The characters do not dominate as single entities but as a piece of the collective. They complete each vignette which, in turn, supplements their metamorphosis. Entirely insightful with metaphysical messages that transcend beyond any epoch, it touches universal truths by going back to the basic, allows the readers re-examine their own values, personal conflicts and self-beliefs.
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About the Book
Genre: Inspirational
Length: 87 pages
ISBN: 9781544959573

List Price: $5.99
eBook Price: $3.99
- Frozen Revisited Moments is packed with short stories which based on reality rather than fiction. - It talks about stuff which related to daily life. The stories don’t have any intention to show some particular moral but just stories written by author are based on reality with a blend of some fiction. - The stories are basically based on life,poverty,self love, death , medical and social stigmas and so on… - The topics which author want to describe is described in good manner. - All the stories and situations described in it,are described in beautiful manner and some the stories are heart warming also. - It is a quick and short read which can be completed in one sitting. - The language used by author is very easy to understand and relate with the reality and it is also a perfect read for beginners. - The writing style is fine . - Cover of the book is nice. And title of the is appropriate if we compare it with content of the book. - Overall , it is a nice read and would like to recommend this to all who are looking for a simple read.
– Anvesha
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