Summer Holiday

summer holiday

The summer holiday appeared too long to me.

I knew what was troubling me. I needed a man, and I needed it badly.

But now I was miserable. It had been a long time since I felt the ecstasy of hot thing inside me, and it had been a long period of holding a thick throbbing something in my hand and my mouth. I loved the powerful throbbing thing sliding between my lips, brushing over my tongue, and probing the back of my throat.

As a young girl, I had an intense interest in sex.

I was an attractive eighteen-year-old girl and could probably have attracted any boy I desired. But I went nowhere to meet men, and I just stayed home. But I lived in frustration.  

It was almost midnight, and I was still awake. I tossed and turned. I was thirsty; I got out of bed with my robe on, went down the hall toward the kitchen for a glass of water. As was my habit when I woke up at night, I stopped and looked in at my paying guest’s room. And I got a good look at him. It had been accidental, but that made no difference.

Hank’s sheet

I noticed that Hank held his sheet up around his chin. His room was not locked from inside. I entered the room. The light of a full moon streamed in through the open window and cast a silvery glow over his body. I saw his tool, and it was standing up. I stood there and gazed down at him. I shoved my fingers up into me. I felt an overwhelming urge to reach out and touch him. Somehow, I fought off the impulse, but I could not turn and go back to my room right away.

Hank’s erection fascinated me. It was long and thick. The palm of my right hand itched to touch him, to hold it and stroke it, just for a moment. I saw his tool jerk slightly, almost as if it were begging for my hand to caress and play with it. Instead, I rested my hand on the edge of the bed. My eyes smoldered as I gazed at his demon. As I looked at Hank’s demon, I began to throb in unbearable heat, and my nipples strained against my robe. Then disgusted with me, I turned and left the room. 

Back in my bed, I forgot all about my thirst but held the image of Hank’s in my mind. I squeezed my swollen tits, plucking the sensitive nipples.

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