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Words:Poems of Love and Prayers


Symphony of love, sweet refrain,

Heart entwined in joyful pain.

Your embrace, soulful complete,

Love is deep, bittersweet.

In silence, love takes flight,

Canvas painted with pure delight.

You are melody, fills my soul,

Your love, I find eternal goal.

In shadows, we find our light,

Two hearts ablaze, burning bright.

You are lyrics and melodious songs,

Your love, my heart belongs.

Every kiss, spirits ignite,

Love feels right.

You are colours in my world’s scheme,

Your love makes life a beautiful dream.

In your laughter, I find grace,

Love like ours, none can replace.

You are the stars in glittering sky,

I will never say goodbye.

Our love story is beautifully told,

Where heart unfolds.

You are sun in darkest day,

Your love, forever I’ll stay.

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