Trick your brain for Happiness

A Self help Book

This book has time-tested, proven do-it-yourself ideas for long-lasting Happiness.

This book has scientifically proven ways to get rid of stress, anxiety, insomnia, etc.

While helping others, we help ourselves.

Time spent with family and friends keeps us happy.

Care for your old parents, older people you will be paid back when you are old.

Buddha truly said, ‘What you think, you become.”

Why are we not happy?

Why do we want to be happy?

What are the overall effects of Happiness on our life, health, interpersonal relations?

social relations and on our family?

Is Happiness inbuilt in us?

How can we change negativity in our minds with positive thoughts forever?

Can Happiness increase our longevity?

This book will encourage you to change your attitudes.

This book will encourage you to achieve Happiness forever.

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Genre: Self Help
Length: 97 pages
ASIN: B08269M787
ISBN: 9781670062574

This book is really awesome. Author will be appreciated for his effort. I am satisfied to get this guidebook. I am so grateful to reading this fantastic book. I would highly recommend this book.
– Vilho Otila
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