Who Killed Mrs. Sada

Story of our time

She wanted to stay alive.


She was full of life.


She was a beautiful, housewife.


She was married to her childhood boyfriend.


She only had a six month’s blissful conjugal life.


Devil always have an attractive colour.


One day a devil kidnapped her.


After ten days she was found in unconscious condition.


Her dreams and desires to live were torn in pieces.


She lost her desire to live.


One day she committed suicide.


Satan forced her to do this.


Will the devil ever get caught?


Will the devil ever get punished?


It is a story of our time.
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About the Book
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Md Taslim
Length: 58 pages
ISBN: 9781687134509

eBook Price: 2.99
Lovely story written about young love, and the ways of life... How the dedication of a relationship influences how life turns out... Lovely story of Romance...
– Lorraine Hilda Gordon
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