Colours of Life (Excerpt-4)

Colours of life

“No, ogling beautiful babes is a mind-blowing thrilling job. You cannot understand pundit. Oh! So many curvaceous, delicious, beautiful babes. Oh! what a delight to watch, anyway a lunatic’s story is coming to my mind.” I would say.

“Well then. Tell it, “Asked Mahadev.

“Ok, then listen. There was an insane person in a mental hospital. After his treatments for a few months, the doctor felt that he has become normal. Therefore, the one-day doctor asked him, “How do you feel, now?”

“Dr., I am keen to go back home,” Lunatic told.

“Superb, so now tell me what you would like to do after going home?” Doctor asked.

“Sir, after going home, I will start some business.” Lunatic replied.

“Fantastic tell me after that what you will do?” Doctor asked the lunatic.

“After that, I will get married. Then I will go on a honeymoon.” Lunatic told hesitantly.

“Wonderful, great after that, what will you do?” The doctor was coming to his real problem.

Lunatic said, “When I will go for the honeymoon. I will open my wife’s bra. take out elastic from her bra. I will make a slingshot from that elastic to hunt birds and start hunting birds, one after another, then another and another…” He yelled excitedly.

“I am perfectly ok, now.” the lunatic replied.

“Great, I also think you are perfectly healthy now. Ok, then tell me, do you want to go home?” Dr. asked the lunatic.

Colours of life- Mahadave

“Uncle, Papa is no more.” He said this while weeping.

It shocked me. I could not believe it and asked,” When did it happen?”

“Uncle, Papa left us two days back. Papa came back from Kolkata after treatment. He was saying he would go to Supaul to give you a surprise. But three days back he had chest pain. The doctor gave him some medicine. He slept well. When he woke up, he wanted to talk to you, but he was having chest pain at that time. I called the doctor again. He gave him some medicine. He again insisted that he would like to talk to you. The doctor told him he should try to sleep and when he wakes up, he may talk to his friend as much as he likes. The doctor gave him an injection as well. When the doctor left, he told me, look when I wake up, you will get me to my friend over the phone. You will see how quickly I will recover, but he could not wake up.” Badal started weeping again.

Although I consoled Badal, I thought how typical a game life plays with everyone. How easily it breaks human bodings. Nothing can be more unfaithful than life. When an individual gets intoxicated by life, forgets everything, and runs after pleasures of life, wearing a colored glass of achievements, success, and failures, life dumps him abruptly. He finds no ways and means to stand again. Even green and red flags on which Mahadev relied, all his life, could not help him. It is God’s way, and he only knows his moves.

It is life’s mystery.

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