Colours of Life (Excerpt-6)

Colours of Life

I think how superficial life this generation has created for itself. They have thousands of virtual friends, but very few actual friends. Most virtual people have a fake identity. Superficial life, fake virtual friends. Handheld masturbators and dolls to dress like their fancy and to sleep with them in bed to fulfil their carnal desires….

The chemical process of human beings is bound to be satiated but these are peripheral physiochemical requirements, whereas everything exists deep down in the pristine pure form.

Colours of Life: New Generation

A woman, a girlfriend, and a wife fill life with a different dimension. Mother’s voice is and will always remain sweetest and soothing voice and her touch the softest touch. Sisters will always be the best siblings for brothers because when they meet, they become different. They walk down their memory lane share sweet moments of their life. They become young at heart….

When we exchange a smile with an unknown person, it fills our hearts with joy. When we see young women bubbling with life, it fills our hearts with happiness and the desire to live longer…

Dolls for home or bed can never bring such inner joy. Likewise, a friend’s company takes away stress. Gratitude expressed; Empathy shown makes life a delightful journey…. 

All said and done but I feel proud of this new generation but at the same time, I feel pity for this new generation when I think of a human-like doll for home and bed. How lonely are they and how psychologically sick are they?

I would like to say shun ego try to be human, wear a smile and try to make friends not a virtual friend. I feel proud to be a part of this world.

Whatever we do, our body is bound to become old, but our soul will always remain young if we remain humane….

What a time to live……

Colours of Life: My Little Lion

Cheri was small, but in courage and show of guts, he was unparalleled. Once a hunting dog sneaked into my compound. When Cheri saw that dog, he went to fight with him. That hunting dog started crying. Our security guard and maid ran towards the dog, Cheri was on a hunting dog, and that dog was screaming for his life. Somehow, Cheri was removed from that dog. The moment that dog was out of cherry’s grip, he jumped the boundary wall and ran away……

Courage has no relation with size. It is nothing but a strong determination to face the odd in every circumstance. Courage is nothing but a frame of mind. One can overcome the biggest odds with courage and determination. This is what we learned from our little lion Cheri….

Memories never die, it lingers, it remains alive in our memory.

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