Colours of Life (Excerpt-5)

Colours of Life

Winning and losing is a part of the game. Losing must always inculcate a determination to stand up and fight back with more vitality and vigor. A win always teaches us to be magnanimous and rejoice with restraint. It also inspires us to hard work. Victory and loss in the game help us in understanding the ways of life. After every win, there is a chance to lose in the future. Losing must fill our hearts with a desire for winning and believing that winning is not impossible. One should never leave hope, never get dejected and disappointed. No one should ever stop laughing. Everyone should always strive for moving ahead in life. After all, life is a game. Everyone should play it fairly with vigor and vitality, with a determination to succeed.

People well versed and dexterous in their profession are always like a child in their behavior, pure, simple, friendly, and far from pride and prejudices. They never carry ego or any stigma on their shoulder, instead, they carry simplicity and a caring heart. Winners are always like that. Perhaps they know inbuilt joy in us….

Colours of Life- Poverty

Poverty is the biggest crime. There is no law for it, whereas there should be. It is a disease, a deadly disease because of which one human being uses another human being against his will, like domesticated animals, for his hunger and his necessities. He forces him to do all such acts, which he would not have done to himself and which this so-called civilized society calls terrible, worst, inhuman, unethical, and whatnot. Man cannot be good or bad just for his art of lucid oratory, fashionable, costly clothing and showing off his human feelings but these days, these are the only attributes that matter the most….

Few people pretend to serve humans and humanity just for using them and their necessities. It has been the same for centuries and will stay the same forever. When people were buying and selling people, they never had a sense of guilt for their inhuman act, nor did they had remorse for their actions. Even today in the name of democracy, they divide people based on caste, creed, and religion for their political gains. One can see people of these thoughts in different colors and different dresses in every society, everywhere….

It hardly matters to them whether their bread and butter are filled with the blood of innocent people. These days there are many people readily available to sell the methods of cleaning these blood-stained loaves of bread and butter. For a piece of this bread, someone who calls himself an artist sells his conscience. If someone has an excellent knowledge of the law, then they on the pretext of his professional ethics compromise for such a piece of bread. Someone relishes such a piece of bread in the name of religion. Except the few journalists portrays himself as the real Master of History and Social Science to eat this piece of bread with pride and dignity….

Human beings talk about the betterment of humanity, but they keep their tyrannical behavior alive (against which they speak ill) and show off their fight for such injustices. Politicians glorify a personality for their political purpose. Politicians always talk, ” It is the public who helps us win. I am a public servant.”

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