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Cynthia – Cuddle-some doll


Cynthia is an exquisite woman. I could not blame anyone for ogling her because of how she looks with her voluptuous breasts and her shapely rear end. And as a real estate agent, she would always dress in tight-fitting professional business outfits which brought out her curves even more. Her long brown hair, blue eyes, and full lips made her look even more desirable. But what made her even sexier was that she never tried to act sexy. She is about as prim & proper and classy as a woman can get.

She met me in my office for work. Her look and her figure impressed me. I appointed her as an agent in my real estate company and attached her with me. There is no doubt that years of separation from my wife forced me to think sexily about her. I saw her every day. And soon, I was about to find out a little more about her… 

It was early Monday morning. 

“I had no idea you would be up so early,” she said. 

“I realized that I have much work on my table,” I replied 


“would you mind helping me with my work?” I asked. 

 “No problem.” 

“Fine, Thanks,” I said.

Later I asked her, “Are you free in the evening?”

“Yes,” She said.

“Would you come for dinner?”


Cynthia – A voluptuous girl

After Dinner

After dinner when I went to drop her, she insisted for a cup of coffee.

I went with her to her apartment. She opened the door and put on the light and asked me to sit on in her drawing-room. To my amazement, found a dildo on her center table. She was embarrassed, saw what I was looking at and removed it immediately, and said, “I am sorry, I forgot.”

I was laughing. I said, “Don’t worry. It is nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Her face was red hot. She was looking sexier.

“I’m sorry.”

It aroused me with sexual desire. I asked her, “How often do you use this?” 

Now, she smiled, “I’ve been using this toy every other day at least.” 

She paused for a moment.

I looked intently at her body. Her skin was fair and smooth. She was voluptuous, a woman with all the right curves, her hips, and waist…

“Why are you looking at me in that way?” She asked.

I was excited now, and replied, “You are gorgeous!”

She remained silent.

“I would love to see you naked.”

“Really.” She said.

“yes,” I whispered.

“Wait, I am coming.” She said and left the room.

My shorts could not hold my manhood. The room became hot I removed my jacket and tie and unbuttoned my shirt.

She entered the room in her flimsy black nightgown and remove it in front of me.

I noticed that her pubic area was cleanly shaven. What excited me more than anything at this point was seeing her large breasts. They were full and firm and sagged just the right amount like big ovals. I loved seeing the contrast between the white skin of her breast, and the dark brown colour nipples and areolas. Her areolas must have been around two inches wide, and her nipples were the largest I have ever imagined. 

“Do you promise that no one will ever find out?” she asked with a mischievous grin. 

“God, no! you have no idea how hard I am right now. Your body is perfect. You’re the woman of my dreams.”

She smiled. “Thank you. And I’m glad to hear this.” 

“The look on your face says you’re interested,” she continued. “So, let us not waste time, let us take our clothes off. I was naked in no time, sending my clothes straight on a pile where her dress was. She held onto my hand and led me towards the bed. 

“Sit here,” she said, pointing towards her bed. 

My heart started pounding as she stood over me and lowered herself onto my lap. We sat face-to-face with my arms wrapped around her for a moment while she was getting comfortable. 

Cynthia – A voluptuous girl


“God this feels amazing. I’ve fantasized about doing this with you.” I said.

“Don’t you think I know that? I am a woman; I know more about you than you think. Besides, a woman knows when a man is turned on, even if he tries to hide it.” She said

Her eyes quickly became filled with lust. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes as she began gyrating her hips.

Later she laid on me. 

We were still trying to catch our breathes when she then pressed her face against mine and our lips met for the very first time. 

“Thank you. That was the most intense feeling of my life,” She said in between kisses. 

I wrapped my hands behind her head and pulled her towards me, so I could kiss her a few more times. 

“I’ve felt nothing like that either. It was so amazing.”

That was my first encounter with Cynthia. To keep this relation forever, I married her in a small ceremony. She insisted on a big ceremony, but I convinced her and transferred half a million dollars in her account to convince her about my desires for her.

We started living in a bigger house.                                         From my book – Cynthia

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