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Cynthia – A voluptuous girl


 I met Cynthia in a pub.

She is around twenty-five, quite a sizzler, beautiful face, voluptuous body, and beautiful eyes, remains busy in playing games with people. Has a husky voice, which ignites the very desire to hold her in arms.

She came to me “Hi, are you free tonight?”


“Then come with me. I want to tell you my story, and it will be a good story for your book. If I am not wrong, you are a writer.”


She was almost drunk. She caught my hand and asked, “come.”

I did not wish to lose the chance of a company of a such a beautiful woman.

I went with her to her apartment. It was a well-kept, one-bedroom flat.

It expressed her tasteful living. Everything was well maintained, well arranged and neat and clean. There was a flower on the dining table and a small shrub in a pot in her bedroom. There were flowers in small pots on the window.

I sat on the sofa in her so-called drawing room. She said, “I am coming after a shower.”

She went in. After some time, she called me, “Hey handsome, please soap my back.”

“Oh! Sure.” I replied.

I went to her bathroom. She was naked; I soaped her soft silky skin with a sponge…

“Thanks.” She said.

I came back in her drawing room and sat on the sofa…

After a while She came wearing a nightgown.

“I kept you waiting.”

“It’s ok,” I said.

“Why don’t you change? You can use one of my gowns. You will look sexy in it believe me.” She said while laughing.

“Now I will go. I will hear your story some other day.”

“You can sleep on this sofa. I will not eat you. I am making something to eat while you change into something comfortable.”

She gave me one of her gowns.


I was excited.

I changed my clothes and came back. When Cynthia saw me, she said, “Not bad.” and became busy in putting some food on the table.

We ate together and had a hot coffee in the drawing room.

After finishing coffee, she abruptly sat on the floor and exposed me below the waist. She placed her face. I felt the hotness of her mouth. she took full length inside her mouth. Then moved towards me as she sat on my lap. I felt hot fluid engulfing me. She started moving up and opened her front dress, pushed her right breast in my mouth and said, “suck it hard.”

I also caught her tightly in my arm, was feeling contractions, and she went almost limp.

And lifted her and took her to bed.

She snuggled in my arm and slept.

She was sleeping like a child.

In the morning on the breakfast table, she started narrating her story…                                                               From my book Cynthia

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