You were looking exquisite

Pretty woman mystery unfolds



       You were looking exquisite that day in a yellow sari with red flowers on it. I cannot describe your beauty in words.

            I kept on looking at you. I made the payment when you got up to come out of the restaurant.

            When you were conversing with the person at the counter, I was standing near the exit door listened to your talk. The person at the counter could not see me though I could see his laughter.

            I was with you when you with your children were going to the bus stand. I was there until your bus started for Damua.

            Looking at your face, it appeared if I would come in front of you then you will chew my face off. That’s why I did not meet you.

            Anyway, this too is mad talk. This is how passion talks.

            I remain intoxicated at the thought of you, my love!

            I remain intoxicated in the look of you, my love!

            Do not ask about my intoxication,

            I remain intoxicated in your fragrance, my love!

            I swear of your beautiful eyes,

            I remain intoxicated waiting for you, my love!

            Please wait for my next letter.

                                      Your admirer

                              Reveling in your passion

                                            From Pretty woman mystery unfolds

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