Pretty woman mystery unfolds (Excerpt-1)

Mrs. Dalvi

Handing the phone over to the Inspector, the superintending engineer said, “Please hold, our boss is on the line.”

“Sir, the general secretary of a union has accused Rakesh, a computer operator, and Mrs. Dalvi of watching a blue film together in a closed office. He has complained that they were having the blue film stored on a floppy disk. I have apprehended Rakesh and Mrs. Dalvi. I have taken floppy disks in my possession and kept these floppies in a safe place here itself as I do not want to take the floppies with me. I will take up this matter only when you will be back on duty because they are attached with your office.”

Mrs. Dalvi was around 30 years old, a fair, slender, beautiful, and educated woman. She had studied up to the degree level. After completing her degree, her parents arranged her marriage. She has two children. She has four years old son, and two years old daughter. Her husband died about eight months back and her job application on compassionate ground was sent to the company headquarters two months ago.

Mr. Dalvi, her husband was a compounder and General Secretary of a union. The present general secretary of the union was a deputy general secretary at his time. He made this complaint against her.

What happens because of alcohol addiction, happened to Dalvi? One day Dalvi became ill. His condition kept on worsening day by day. They took him to Nagpur, where on just his third day in the hospital, he had stopped breathing. Alcohol took his life. His body was brought to Saoner, his hometown for final rites.

Mr. Sinha

Sinha had taken care of the reins of the union.

The Union’s Area President and Sinha were of the same caste. He was a soft-spoken person, well versed with the laws, connected to workers, and had a good knowledge of the rules of the company,

Two months after Dalvi’s last rites, Mrs. Dalvi came back to her project’s residence. People expressed their sympathy. The people of her husband’s union helped her to get the dues of her husband from her husband’s company. In this matter, Sinha was a real help. He helped her in withdrawing money from Dalvi’s Provident Fund and Pension scheme but had not forgotten to receive his remuneration for his work. As far as Sinha was concerned, he always considered it a sin to offend Lakshmi Ji. Who could refute this eternal truth?

Wherever she had to go for work, Sinha went with her. In this way, Sinha became infatuated with her beauty, and in his heart of hearts, he became enamored with her. It was the magic of her beauty that Sinha spent his free time talking with her.

Sinha’s wife belonged to an elite family. In no perspective was she less beautiful than Mrs. Dalvi, but she was healthy and figureless, but despite being the mother of two children, Mrs. Dalvi appeared in every way unmarried. Her beautiful eyes and chiseled figure were magical. Sinha’s attraction was just the natural attraction of a man for a beautiful woman.

After receiving her husband’s money, her employment application on compassion ground was sent to the company headquarter. During her paperwork for employment, Sinha went with Mrs. Dalvi to the Area Office. To spend more time with her, Sinha tried to stretch one day’s work into two or three days.

During this period, her elder brother was living with her and looking after her children. Despite the presence of her elder brother, Sinha’s meetings used to continue till late at night. Many times, Mrs. Sinha used to ring Mrs. Dalvi as her husband used to stay late at night.

It often happened. Deep inside, Mrs. Sinha had a huge grudge towards her husband’s behavior but she never spoke a word.

They were living just one quarter away.

Well, after three months Sinha took forty thousand rupees in the name of the office expense and sent her papers for her employment on compassionate ground to the headquarter. After this, her elder brother went back to his home, and she lived with her two children in her quarter.

Mrs. Dalvi’s habit

Mrs. Dalvi had a strange habit of winking her left eye while speaking, of which she was unaware. It looked as if she was deliberately winking her left eyes. Her way of talking often instigated people to take it from a wrong perspective. When her husband was alive, it was then a different time. But after his demise, people took it from a different perspective; they thought of her as a woman of easy virtue.

Her habit of winking while talking had awoken an unknown desire among the married men of the colony. Due to this, the married people searched for opportunities to talk to her with an overwhelming desire to offer her help. She misinterpreted the help as a respect for her late husband by them, but people, offering her help, looked for an opportunity to get closer to her.

One day she received an unidentified letter from the Damua post office. Damua was twenty kilometers away from her residence.

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