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Colours of Life (Excerpt-2)

Colours of life.

The game of life is strange. The time comes silently and whispers “abracadabra,” colors the canvass and leaves quietly, leaving no trace. Leaves a pang and anguish for a lifetime. We get submerged in this magic of life, obligated. It is the ways and beauty of its colorful, enchanting spell. That is why we all carry our cross enduring the pain of life, hopes and dreams filled eyes, living with mirth and glee until we reach our predestined foolproof destination, which is nothing but a big full stop. Our story completes. We call it fate or destiny, whatever we like.

Love sometimes has a peculiar colour.

I am hopeful while holding this pen in my hand that someday, I will undoubtedly hear Ira’s voice and give this pen to her. It is nothing other than hoping against hope, but hope keeps us alive.

Somebody has rightly said-neither any promise, nor any hope. Still, I am waiting for you…

Colours of life- ICU, Patna

Every day one patient from ICU was going on his bamboo frame, and every day the new patient was filling the empty ICU bed. I saw this for fourteen days during my stay when I was there with my father.

It stunned me to see this magic of life and death every day. This truth of life and death shook me from the inside. There was a fascinating relationship between life and death. After all, kites have a limitation of flying high in the sky. It is not a wish of the kite; it is a matter of the length of thread. No one knows the extent of his thread even then people remain leading a life as he wishes. Sometimes I wonder why people lead their life so recklessly. It is a negative attitude. After all, living a carefree life full of dreams and desires, living for today to make tomorrow worth living is a beauty of life.

To become a fool, and make others fool, is just like two sides of the same coin. Only one color will make life dull. For and against for everything are lifelong friends. Different ideas give birth to a new idea. That is why life remains moving forward. These thoughts and deeds of a human being are extraordinary.

Colours of life- Thatri (Bamboo frame)

How apt is Thathri (Bamboo frame) maker’s slogan ” Thathri at your doorstep”? The shopkeeper does his work at an easy pace. He never seems to be in a hurry. Even if he receives the order at nine o’clock in the morning, he prepares his bamboo frames at eleven o’clock. He knows they will require his bamboo frame only after making a transport arrangement. It is impossible to carry the dead body without proper transport arrangements. Thus, he shows no urgency in making the frames. He philosophically says, “I am a mere service provider. To serve is my religious duty. Whosoever has come in this world will have to go one day. Whether he likes or someone else wishes, this cycle of life and death will continue. It will never stop. It is an eternal truth.”

Indeed, he is a service provider. If a man is alive, he requires service providers for his day-to-day livings, whether he is rich or poor. Likewise, even after death, service providers are required but with a difference. After death, there is a vast difference in last rituals between poor and rich, after all, the class is a class. It hardly matters that after the last ceremony everyone becomes equal in the physical sense but other life, who gets what, who knows. Anyway, it is a matter of debate but whether alive or dead service providers always thrive.

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