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Colours of Life (Excerpt-1)

Colours of Life.

What you think you become.

For the poor, life has a different meaning. They are asked to look up.

For rich life is a luxury etc. They are asked to look down. ……..        

Colours of life- After all, what is life?

Is it different for different people?

 But life is a puzzle customized for each one of us.

 And we remain busy to solve it in our way. ……..


Colours of life- Ego

The ego of an ordinary man is always a precious commodity. They consider themselves best among their peers. This makes them inquisitorial beings……..


Colours of life- Death

Death is the most significant leveler, it never discriminates between intelligent, dumb-head or mediocre, rich, or poor, beautiful, or ugly, happy, or sad, young or old, theist or atheist. It is a life, which discriminates. But, always, at every step it teaches us the value of patience, perseverance, humility, humanity, aggressiveness, ability to fight, strength to endure rough weathers and keep us humane…….

Colours of Life

Colours of life- Love

Love teaches us that losers are always the winner in the game of love. This makes our life a beautiful journey.

“You are thinking about the platonic love. Bullshit. Women look beautiful, lovely, awesome, alluring, desiring, divine so on so forth till she does not become a household commodity. After that, better don’t ask what happens of bloody love.” She spoke.

I thought in a general sense, she is right. If anyone loses anything, he always regards it as a precious thing, but if anyone possesses something valuable then after some time, it loses its sheen; it becomes an ordinary commodity, worthless, and a part of one’s collection.

“No, I don’t agree with you. Even the very thought of a beloved fills the heart with joy. Her closeness, her voice, her touch not only fills the heart with delight it soothes the soul. Time can never change this feeling. Love nurtures, makes life beautiful. It is bondage between two souls. Love is divine.” I said, “Do you not think like that about us?”

“Poet sir, at present, I need a cup of hot tea. Do something about that. We will discuss it later, however, I told you about the normal or general way. It has nothing about us. I understand your feelings for me and my feelings for you. But at present a cup of a good hot cup of tea will be a boon.”

“As you wish, your Majesty,” I replied……………….

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