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Colours of Life (Excerpt-3)

Colours of life.

It is a matter not only prevalent among less-educated people, but it prevails amongst well-educated and so-called sophisticated high society people as well. We are dexterous in talking big and citing great examples, but we are rotten shit only. We know well that love is an essence of life, is the very core of our existence, whether human beings, birds, or animals, but do we care? Do we care for our women?

We know for sure that he who loses in love is the ultimate winner.

When we shed our ego; we may find the eternal truth, the higher one. We know it very well that the moment we surrender our ego, formless becomes a reality, a real entity.

Someone has aptly said we roamed in this infinite sky with Brahma. We were with Muhammad during his Hijra (Migration) from Mecca to Medina. We sat with Buddha under the tree of knowledge. We gained knowledge from every learned soul, who came on this earth even then we remained absurd and unwise, confined to the lines of our palm.

Colours of life- ANGEL OF DEATH

The Angel of Death told him, smiling, “Mr. Writer; I know you are writing the last chapter of your autobiography. So far, you have written and thrown forty-one pages in the dustbin. While coming to open the door, an idea flashed in your mind. You are trying to write about one’s relation with his fellow beings, neighbors, relatives, friends, wife, and children.”

He paused and then said, “You were trying to write the truth based on your experience, it is perfect, but just now, you have experienced the truth. Mr. Writer, you forget one thing before one’s soul is taken out of his body; we take his voice first then he realizes his life’s journey. He realizes the truth that is why a person weeps before his death. He wants to share this truth of life with his kith and kin, but he becomes incapable of talking.”

He paused again and said,”Do not worry your book will be published by writing the last chapter from your pages from the dustbin. Your book will publish, and people will love it. The magic of this life will remain flowing. People will remain enchanted, intoxicated, and inspired with the color and pleasure of this world, as ever. I am sorry I cannot give a single minute now. Why don’t you think who would like to live in this world after knowing its truth?”

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